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I am convinced that if you keep your love for your kiddos in your heart and your passion for life, true and strong, you will eventually get that beach house. With Don's help or not! So sorry for your pain. Thank you for sharing your story. Best of luck in regards to the contest!


I must admit the words from your blog stayed with me last night as I fought sleep (and sleep fought me, quite honestly :) Not so much this particular entry re: the story but the other real-life-every-day entries. You must provide so much hope to others-- you did for me and I am not even close to being in the spot where most of your readers are. I think you could do this venue for sure...however I think you could do a book too?! Your writing is so candid/honest/real. Anyway, just my thoughts :)

Luke Beling

I really enjoyed the truth and honesty of this post. It felt like Jesus.

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